Adopting from KGPR

Why should I adopt from a rescue?

Guinea pigs need to be rescued for a variety of reasons. Some come from sad, unhealthy and even dangerous conditions. Sometimes people just don’t want to be bothered with them anymore. Many are from local shelters where they would have been euthanized. By adopting from a rescue, you are saving lives. For every piggy that finds a loving home, we can rescue another. You will also know for sure the gender of your guinea pig and will be certain that it is not pregnant or sick. And you will have a great wealth of guinea pig information at your fingertips! We are always available for advice—We care about how you and your piggies are doing!


Adopting a friend

We require an application and interview to insure our animals go to homes committed to providing a safe, loving, and permanent environment for them.

Our adoption contract requires that our animals will not be bred and will be housed indoors in an appropriate cage. Aquariums are not appropriate housing for Guinea Pigs due to the very small floor space and limited air flow. Wire bottom cages are too hard on tender little feet (piggies need to snuggle in soft bedding). They need to be provided with daily fresh water, hay, guinea pig pellets, vitamin C, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our adoption fees for guinea pigs are:

  • $50 for a single
  • $75 for a pair
  • $100 for a neutered male or spayed female
  • $120 for a neutered male or spayed female and another piggy

All of our adoptable guinea pigs are vet checked and treated for any health issues before they are available for adoption. Each guinea pig also comes with a helpful starter kit. The fee helps us with food, bedding, Veterinary care and medicines. This allows us to continue helping more animals, but doesn’t begin to cover what we spend to help them. Thanks to Dr. Sherrie of Lovell Animal Hospital and Dr. Baine of Village Veterinary Medical Center for taking such good care of our guinea pigs!

Click here to see a list of our adoptable guinea pigs.

If you are interested in adopting a guinea pig or two, please fill out our Adoption Application. Alternatively, you can here to print the PDF and either scan it and email it to us, or drop it off in person at Agrifeed Pet Supply on Middlebrook Pike.