Current Adoptables!

We require an adoption application and interview to ensure our animals go to homes committed to providing a safe, loving, and permanent environment for them.

You can complete your application and submit it online by clicking here.

But if you prefer to mail it, or drop it off in person at Agri Feed Pet Supply on Middlebrook Pike, you’ll need the printable version, which you can access here. 

We always have more adoptable piggies than those listed below. If you are searching for a companion for a piggy currently in your household, we provide meet and greets!


Hank and Marty, brothers, have outstanding personalities and are anxious to find their new family.  They like lots of space for zoomies, veggies and a good snuggle after a busy day. They are well suited for an experienced adult family or children over 10.
Born 8/17/21, Hank is gold and white, Marty is tri-color and their Adoption Fee is $75.00 
Reece is the leader in this all girl band.   They are both very vocal but Reece is the loudest and always first to the snacks. They are very active girls who prefer floor time to being held but once picked up they settle nicely. I think any age will be okay for them as long as any littles are supervised and practice patience when picking them up.
Happy Day from Lulu and Ellie.  These sweet girls will be a year old on May 16.  They are looking for their forever home with lots of treats, fresh veggies and plenty of room to play and sleep.  The girls are very outgoing and friendly and will be good for a first time owner or an experienced family wanting to add to their herd.
Karl and Zane are best buds.  Funny, playful, and friendly these guys are the perfect pair.  They enjoy a large case with lots of space for zoomies.  Karl was born on 12/22/21, Zane on 1/27/22
Molly, brown and white, came to KGPR as part of an oops litter.  Violet, tri color, came to KGPR very pregnant and delivered Vince 2 days after arriving.  The girls became best friends and make an amazing couple.  Violet is the leader of the duo and loves treats and toys.   Molly is a cuddler and loves TV time and lap time. The girls are great with adults as well as kids of all ages.
Denny is ready for his forever home.  He is considered a special needs guinea pig and will only be adopted to a home in the Knoxville area.  Found abandoned under a shed, Denny is cautious about large open spaces. His comfort zone will improve with an experienced adult family or with children over 12.  He is still learning how to interact with other male piggies.  His ideal companion would be a senior. calm boar.  He would also be happy with a non-aggressive neighbor. 
Yukon and Russet are two of the cutest furry potatoes around. They have grown up in a KGPR foster home and would love to have a permanent home of their own. These two brothers enjoy long walks on the floor during floor time, will cuddle the night away on the couch, and fresh veggies will have them eating out of your hand. They enjoy regular pedicures and are adventurous eaters.
Ajax and Cable are a bonded pair of boys who were born in February 2022 and have grown up in a KGPR foster home. Ajax loves to hang out in his hammock during the day and never misses a chance to ask for attention. Cable is more shy than his brother but enjoys running through tunnels in his cage. Both boys enjoy hanging out in their cuddle sacks during lap time and are looking for a home with lots of treats and love.
Sisters Zoe (crested) and Felicia (Abby) are looking for a family with lots of time to devote to snuggles, salad and playtime.   They enjoy the company of other guinea pigs and would be happy to join a herd.  A good choice for first time or experienced owners, the girls would prefer children over 8.
Joanie and Cheeto are energetic cuddle pigs that have no problem letting you know when they think it’s time to eat. This vocal mom-daughter pair enjoys cage zoomies, ice cubes and redesigning their cage. They are very shy and nervous at first, but their foster parents earned their trust with treats and letting them sniff their hands. This young pair would be a great addition to a home that has Guinea pig experience and older/no children.