Current Adoptables!

We require an adoption application and interview to ensure our animals go to homes committed to providing a safe, loving, and permanent environment for them.

You can complete your application and submit it online by clicking here.

But if you prefer to mail it, or drop it off in person at Agri Feed Pet Supply on Middlebrook Pike, you’ll need the printable version, which you can access here. 

We always have more adoptable piggies than those listed below. If you are searching for a companion for a piggy currently in your household, we provide meet and greets!


Hank and Marty, brothers, have outstanding personalities and are anxious to find their new family.  They like lots of space for zoomies, veggies and a good snuggle after a busy day. They are well suited for an experienced adult family or children over 10.
Born 8/17/21, Hank is gold and white, Marty is tri-color and their Adoption Fee is $75.00 
Coco and Baby are 2 girls in search of a herd.  They do well in a group with an older female(s) and would love to join an existing herd.  They would be best in a home with children over 10 or an adult home.  Their foster mom says they are very sweet and quickly adjusted to her herd. Both girls are under a year. 
If you are looking to expand your herd, Coco and Baby are ready.
Adoption fee is $75.00
Meet Rex and Toby.  Rex took to big brother duties when Toby was 4 weeks old and the boys have been best friends ever since.  Toby loves zoomies and Rex is a popcorn king.  A large cage with plenty of room is a must.  They are well suited for an experienced family or first time owners with children over 10.
Rex is a brown American (2/12/21).  Toby is a brown crested with a white blaze (7/19/21) and their adoption fee is $75.00
Meet Scout (brown and white) and Roger (orange and white)! They are two inseparable brothers who will steal your hearts. They are both five months old, but Scout is the clear leader, and Roger is happy to follow his lead. Roger is also the talker of the duo, never failing to let you know when he wants some more snacks.
Don’t believe everything he says though 🙂 .
Adoption fee is $75.00
You won’t find 2 cuter abbies than Molly and her daughter Beth.  Molly (black and gold) is about 8 months old. Beth is about 4 months old.  The girls had little socialization when they initially arrived at KGPR, but thanks to a loving foster mom, the girls have learned humans are good.  They are still skittish and are best suited for an experienced home, with adults or children over 12. 
With a lot of love, these girls will continue to blossom.
Adoption fee is $75.00
Reece is the leader in this all girl band.   They are both very vocal but Reece is the loudest and always first to the snacks. They are very active girls who prefer floor time to being held but once picked up they settle nicely. I think any age will be okay for them as long as any littles are supervised and practice patience when picking them up.
Hi, my name is Snow and I am looking for the perfect companion. Is a handsome neutered male looking for the love of his life?   I’m your girl.  I also get along with older female piggies.  I don’t really care for babies our youngsters. They want to barber my beautiful hair. My ideal new family would have experience with long hair and time to help me stay well groomed.  I am about 2 years old.  I am patiently waiting to meet you.
Jojo and Imposter were adopted early in March and returned to KGPR the following month.  These sweet girls fell victim to a sudden change in their adoptive family’s situation.  They are now at Agri Feed Pet Supply on Middlebrook Pike looking for their forever home again.  The girls are well behaved, active and talkative.  If you are looking for a guinea pig pair, please stop by to visit the girls.
Josie is a shy young man who is looking for a home with lots of love and patience.  His foster mom says he enjoys sitting on the porch in the sunshine, cuddles and even gives kisses.  He needs an adult home preferably with piggy experienced parents.  He is about a year old.
Happy Day from Lulu and Ellie.  These sweet girls will be a year old on May 16.  They are looking for their forever home with lots of treats, fresh veggies and plenty of room to play and sleep.  The girls are very outgoing and friendly and will be good for a first time owner or an experienced family wanting to add to their herd.