As is the case with many rescues, we all too often are asked to rescue more guinea pigs than we are able to care for. It is our goal to reduce the number of surrendered guinea pigs in the East Tennessee through education and advocacy. We are almost always at capacity and are only able to take a limited number of owner surrenders.
We ask that a surrender fee of $45.00 be collected to help offset of the cost of care while in rescue.

If you are in need of surrendering a guinea pig, please fill out our surrender form and email us your completed form. Alternatively, you can print the PDF and either scan it and email it to us, or mail to our P.O Box 834 Powell, TN 37849.

We can only help with surrenders in Knoxville and surrounding counties. At this time, due to limited funds, we cannot take in pigs with serious medical complications. If your pig is ill, please see an experienced exotic, cavy savy vet and make the best decision possible for your piggy.

Surrender Form

Printable forms:

Surrender Form – Word

Surrender Form – PDF
Reducing the Surrender Rate

Many of the sad situations that guinea pigs find themselves in are easily preventable. In order to be a responsible guinea pig caretaker please avoid the following:

  • Do not buy guinea pigs from pet stores.

The vast majority of guinea pigs that are purchased from pet stores have never received proper veterinary care and are often ill. Pet store guinea pigs are also often sexed incorrectly resulting in the unintentional sale of pregnant females. With the purchase of pet store guinea pigs you are taking a serious gamble. Will they be healthy? Will they be properly socialized? Will they have been fed a proper diet? Will they be well socialized and comfortable being handled? Sadly the answer to all of these questions will all to often be NO. With that being said, if you witness a pet store mistreating guinea pigs in the Knoxville area, please contact us.

  • Do not buy guinea pigs on impulse for children (or anyone).

Guinea pigs are not good “starter pets” for children. They are fragile, squirmy, expensive, and require daily attention. We do not condone the notion of buying animals for children to “teach responsibility.” Many, many of the guinea pigs we rescue come from children who became bored with them. When adopting a guinea pig from the rescue we always require that our guinea pig(s) are family pets.


If you are suffering from sinus allergies that cause you to have trouble breathing, it may be a hay allergy instead of a pig allergy in some cases. We have many foster parents that cannot use Timothy hay but instead use orchard hay.