Current Adoptables!

We require an application and interview to ensure our animals go to homes committed to providing a safe, loving, and permanent environment for them.

Please see our adoption page for a link to our application and information on our adoption fees.

We always have more adoptable piggies than those listed below. If you are searching for a companion for a piggy currently in your household, we provide meet and greets!



Molly and Mia are a bonded pair. Molly is brown and white. Mia is grey & white. They are a tad skittish but warm up well once they get to know you. Molly seems to be the boss. Mia is very shy, but she is really sweet. They love food and are very curious. These girls are 2 year old Americans. Molly sometimes mistakes fingers for snacks, so these girls would be best suited for experienced owners and older children that know proper handling techniques.

Molly & Mia’s foster family is working hard on teaching these girls proper piggy manners. Adoption fee $60


This handsome little guy is Maddox. He was neutered last week and will be available for piggy speed dating around Thanksgiving. He is quite the character and loves people. Adoption fee $100

If these photos don’t make you swoon, we don’t know what will! Mr Peanut Butter & Mr Pebbles are currently in foster care with Bailey. Bailey sent in these personality profiles:

Mr. PeanutButter: I recently started fostering him and he has been such a pleasure. At first he wasn’t in the mood to be noticed, now he begs for attention all the time. When i get up in the morning he is standing on his cage grids looking up at me for pets. He likes to hide under his cozy like a turtle in a shell. He also really likes waking up his neighbor he has always lived with Pebbles. He bumps the hay box up and down and makes a ton of racket till Pebbles has to get up and check what is going on!

Mr. Pebbles: Mr. Pebbles has the best hair of any guinea pig i have ever seen. He has a cute little bald spot on the top of his head that gives him lots of character. I call him a slick pig because he runs so quickly and he is hard to catch. Since we got him though he has started to relax and seems to enjoy lap time.

These boys are not bonded and are available as single piggies. Adoption fee $40 each.