Guinea Pig 101

We at the Knoxville Guinea Pig Rescue refer all of our potential adopters and foster parents to the following resources to learn about guinea pig care.

Please spend weeks and months researching on these phenomenal websites to gain a clear understand about proper guinea pig husbandry.

We are always available to answer any guinea pig care questions you may have, even if you have never adopted from us, and our KGPR brochure is always available for downloading.

See below for our “New Piggy Parent Checklist”.

Online Resources –

Cavy Spirit

Guinea Lynx

Guinea Pig Cages

Cavy Madness 

Oxbow Animal Health

Piggy Parenting –

Looking for an interactive class on guinea pigs and their care? Check out Mrs. Cara’s online classes!

She offers a Beginner Lesson and Advanced Lesson. Once you sign up for your class, message Mrs. Cara and mention the Knoxville Guinea Pig Rescue for 50% off the lesson in the form of a partial refund or donating 50% of the lesson cost to KGPR for medical expenses!

 New Piggy Parent Checklist –

New Piggy Parent Checklist

Items you will NEVER need for your guinea pig:

  • Exercise Balls
  • Exercise Wheels
  • Flying Saucers
  • Dust Baths
  • Harness/Leash
  • Salt Licks
  • Mineral Blocks
  • Treats that contain seeds or nuts

Veterinary Care – Knoxville

Village Vet Clinic

Lovell Animal Hospital

University of Tennessee Knoxville Small Animal Hospital


How to Sew Pee Pads for Guinea Pigs

How to Sew Snuggle Bags for Guinea Pigs


Our Volunteer, Bailey Pettit is open for boarding and can look after most small animals as well as dogs and cats! She is also willing to drive to the pets residence; perfect for senior, special needs, or easily stressed out fur babies. Fees are based on case by case basis as well as distance of travel, if home visits are needed. Bailey can be reached at