What is a C&C cage?

A cubes and coroplast cage (C&C cage) is the best cage option for your guinea pig(s). C&C cages are not sold in pet stores, rather they can be easily constructed at home or purchased online. C&C cages are much larger and cheaper than store bought guinea pig cages and are considered an absolute must for every piggy parent!


The guinea pig rescue Cavy Spirit has truly pioneered the “C&C cage revolution.”  We require all of our potential adopters to conduct their own research on this marvelous website. We at the Knoxville Guinea Pig Rescue agree that bigger is better when it comes to guinea pig cages.



“Coroplast” is a term meaning “corrugated plastic.” This material is often sold in 4′ x 8′ sheets and is available in a variety of colors. Sign shops are a great resource for coroplast. Alternatively, coroplast can be purchased from The Guinea Pig Cages Store.

“Cubes” refer to a popular wire storage unit consisting of square wire grid panels and plastic connectors. We recommend that grids and connectors be bought from The Guinea Pig Cages Store.

BEWARE: If you find grids and connectors elsewhere double check that they are safe. Grids are 14” x 14” and should have 81 (9×9) mini squares within each grid. Grids that have 8×8 or 5×5 inner squares are TOO LARGE. These dangerous grids can cause guinea pigs’ heads to become stuck. Additionally, the term “epoxy coated” has a double meaning. Proper grids are coated with a paint-like material while others are coated with a thick rubbery material. Both are labeled as “epoxy.” Ensure that you purchase grids with the paint-like coating because the soft rubbery coating can be easily chewed off and indigested which could result in digestive upsets.


Directions for assembling C&C cages can be found at guineapigcages.com.

                                                     Other Cage Options

*The only pet store cages acceptable are Marchiaro Tommy 120C cages for a pair or a 102 for a single pig. These cages are available at Agri Feed Pet Supply.

Inappropriate Housing

  • Wire-bottomed cages
  • Aquariums
  • Outdoor Hutches