Permanent Fosters

Here at the Knoxville Guinea Pig Rescue, we are committed to every single guinea pig that finds his or her way into our rescue. We have many guinea pigs who are unadoptable for some reason or another. Here we will share their stories. Your donations not only help us care for adoptable guinea pigs in our care, but also our permanent residents.


Snow came to us with a bump on her foot that didn’t look so good. A biopsy confirmed our fears: a very yucky cancer.

Snow’s leg was amputated to stop the spread of the cancer. Snow is adapting well and you can hardly tell she’s only walking on 3 legs.

KGPR’s veterinary fund not only provides routine check-ups, it also helps pay for life saving surgeries. Snow thanks you for your support of KGPR and all the piggies in our care. Without us, Snow might not have received the surgery she needed.



Sweet Dixie is a young 18 month old girl who has been earning her keep here at KGPR for over a year! Dixie came to us from Young Williams Animal Center when she was just 2 months old. She was absolutely terrified and possibly endured some amount of abuse and neglect as a pup. Once she settled in with us, we discovered that she LOVES other piggies, especially males! We got her an ovariectomy and now she serves as a companion to male guinea pigs, and she couldn’t be happier! Also, you might notice a little spot on her nose. It turns out, she has a little Keratin growth on her nose, which is the same material found in foot spurs. It’s not fungal and it doesn’t bother her one bit! Dixie serves a very important role here at KGPR and we are so lucky to have found this gentle gal!IMG_1952.PNG

Poor Pepper’s story is a cautionary tale of irresponsible backyard breeding. In the dead of winter, December 30, 2013, Pepper, his mom, dad, and 2 sisters were discarded by their breeder in a random Maynardville family’s driveway.  Luckily, the family found the box of guinea pigs and quickly brought them to the Union County Humane Society, who then called KGPR. Upon arriving at KGPR, it was clear that the piggy family were victims of neglect and irresponsible breeding. Pepper certainly fared the worst…He displayed troubling neurological symptoms that cause him to be extremely high-strung and panicked. Our vet determined that he was the result of severe inbreeding and even after years of kind and gentle handling, Pepper is still an absolute nervous wreck. His one love in life is his girlfriend, Lana, who belongs to one of our foster parents. He thinks the absolute world of her and despite his rough beginings, Pepper lives a full and happy life here at KGPR!IMG_1915.PNG


Stella is between 3-5 years old. She was adopted from KGPR years ago and was returned when her companion passed away. When we adopted her, she was a very sweet and well socialized little girl…but she returned as a complete basket case. She was incredibly skittish and it broke our hearts…We don’t know what happened in her adoptive home, as her family submitted a great application and had a wonderful interview with us before taking her home. Stella would like to remind all current piggie parents that socializing your guinea pigs is a lifelong commitment. They can regress into nervous fluff balls if you don’t spend ample time with them. Needless to say, Stella is happy to be back with us, and since she is an older gal, we will happily let her hang out with us for the rest of her days!IMG_1954
 (Bob) Marley
Marley is perhaps one of the most famous KGPR piggies and one of our greatest success stories. Marley came to us after being rescued from horrendous abuse. He was not fed a proper diet, he was completely infested with mites, and he had untreated cancer in his front left leg. After months of treatment, we decided to amputate the leg. He recovered from surgery like a champ and is now the happiest little guy! Marley is 7 years old and has secured a permeant home at the rescue!IMG_1955
Donna suffered some of the worst abuse we have ever seen. In her former home, a child decided to “give the guinea pig a bracelet.” What resulted was the child wrapped a rubber band TIGHT around her front right leg. Once she was surrendered to us, the leg had shriveled up and nearly died. We quickly made the decision to amputate the leg to prevent infection from spreading to the rest of her body. Surgery went very well and amazingly, Donna holds no grudges against her abusers. She is a happy 2 year old girl who gets around exceptionally well!IMG_1956.PNG

Barnaby & Koda
Barnaby arrived at KGPR in dire straights. He was purchased from a PetSmart where he sustained significant injuries likely due to stress and overcrowding. His ear were largely chewed away and he had 2 holes in his face that were oozing puss. With proper care and months of medication and nebulization treatments, one of the holes have closed, but the largest one remains intact, exposing his sinus to potential infection. Despite it all, Barnaby is one of the most loving pigs we have ever met! He requires quite a bit of extra attention and care, but his spirit will never be broken!

Koda was born at KGPR. His momma was rescued from a pet store…fully dilated and ravaged with mites. She gave birth shortly after arriving at KGPR. Koda and 2 of his sisters are deformed. Koda cannot bend his right front leg and has to scoot and hop to get around. Despite his disability, he is a very active little guy and loves his buddy Barnaby!